Business Accounting

One of many great rewards of living in America is the opportunity to own your own business. It is the small business that creates the wealth of America. Owning a business takes time, skill, determination and a dream. Business accounting can rain on your parade if you are not up to the task. It’s not as simple as your personal checkbook! Rocky Mountain Tax & Accounting can help.

We bring over 40 years of business accounting experience to your table. We will help to properly set up your accounts and to explain the differences and how they apply to you and to the returns prepared each year. By using our skills, we can monitor growth or decline from a purely emotionless position and advise you on how to make certain changes that could be beneficial on the final year-end report. We can do monthly or quarterly, which will include the proper P&L and Financial Statements. We will assist with the quarterly filings as needed and the year-end payroll reports and preparation of 1099/W2/W3 if applicable.

Your time is needed to work on your company, not so much in the company. The amount of time you require to do the accounting and bookkeeping takes away from the strategy and growth of your company.