Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is much more than just putting numbers in boxes. You may choose a correct box, but it may be that it is not the most correct box. Our staff of professional tax preparers have the ability to think ‘outside’ of the box and to see what happens ‘if’. The knowledge gained from preparing thousands of returns over many years and covering vast scenarios have allowed us to gain the best return for your individual, or corporate, return. Communication between the preparers continue to expand our knowledge on how to use the current tax rules for your benefit. Of course, we can only work with the information that you submit. Although we will ask questions during the interview, there may be information needed that you have not brought to us. We have the ability to pull up the last return that you filed through us and do a comparison as we build your current return, but again, we only know what you let us know. Be sure to bring in any and all questionable paperwork so that we can make a proper declaration for you.